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 The Reputation System

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PostSubject: The Reputation System   The Reputation System EmptyWed 20 Jul 2011, 11:09

Reputation Points
I have added Reputation points for good or bad posts. The + and – on the right of the post.

The + To add Reputation ( 1 point if you like the post)
The – to remove Reputation (- 1 point if you dislike the post)

You can see the Rep points under you post count on the left <

Explaining the Reputation System
We feel that there is a need to explain when reputation good or bad should be given. Of course the reputation system is only a bit of harmless fun at the end of the day, but its always nice to feel recognised for a helpful post and on the flip side it can be quite disheartening to see one of your posts flagged up with a big red bar beside it.

All of us here at LNG are generous souls I'm sure you'll agree and on any given day there's plenty of green bars to be seen on various posts throughout the forum. But for the sake of newer members I'll just give a few examples of when good rep should be given.

You ask a question regarding a certain issue and a fellow
member helps you out by providing the relevant info.
A member posts an item which is particularly informative and interesting to you, such as a game trailer or game details etc.
You require someone to help you trophy whore a game and
they turn up and enable you to get long sought after trophies.
A humorous post, if someone posts something that brings a
smile to your face then why not give them some Good reputation.

Bad reputation should only be given out in extreme circumstances and in all fairness it's very rare to see any bad reputation given out on this forum which makes me proud of all our members. As with the good rep I'll list a few instances of when bad rep should be given out.

Someone directly insults you in a thread, this has never happened on the forum but if it does then bad rep the person so we can deal with the matter.
A member posts something which you find offensive,
whether it be racist, libellous or inflammatory.
If anyone has any queries or suggestions regarding the rep system then feel free to add them into this thread.

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The Reputation System
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